Mike Davis Monte Fino 84 Purchased June 2014

Rich – Thank you so much for your helping me acquire our ’84 Monte Fino. For over a year you were patient with us in helping with our first big yacht purchase and we never felt a moment’s pressure to act. You invested countless hours helping us define the boat that we thought was perfect for our family and maintained your professionalism when we ultimately backed out of the first potential purchase. You didn’t give up on us and worked smart to quickly find our ultimate family yacht. Lastly, you negotiated a purchase price that I never could have achieved by myself. Your professionalism, patience, and negotiating skill was great and I sincerely appreciate your efforts!


Scott Copeland Lazzara 80 Purchased March 2014

Rich and Peter – Many thanks for all your efforts in assisting with the purchase of our 80’ Lazzara.  While the boat ‘sells’ itself and has been a favorite of mine for many years, I would never of been able to navigate through the acquisition process without your calm and professional manner.  I am grateful for your patience over these many years since we first met and appreciate you keeping me informed – with no pressure or expectation – of the status of the marketplace.

 I have always appreciated your candor regarding various opportunities and enjoyed the depth of your knowledge.  Your commitment to me and my family served us well as I feel confident that you have guided us to a yacht that will serve us with great enjoyment for many years to come.

 Many, many thanks!


Neil Armentrout Lazzara 80 Sold August 2013

“ I wanted to again thank you and Peter for the success that you brought selling our Lazzara Yacht!   You made the experience for us an easy and painless one and she sold at a great price.   We think that the difference was in your marketing approach the beautiful video and your weekly marketing blasts displayed the boat beautifully.  The boat sold almost sight unseen.  Your unique knowledge and experience with the Lazzara line brought more value and ultimately a higher price for our boat.  Great job!”


Sal Torre Lazzara 80 Sold October 2013

“I have been in boating for the last 30 years and have bought and sold boats for all of that time.

As time went on and I purchased and sold larger and larger boats the broker became more important.  I didn’t realize just how important a great broker is until I sold my 80 Lazzara.

The right broker not only offers your boat for sale, creates the proper marketing material, has all the proper industry contacts and is respected by his fellow brokers.  A great broker helps you through the buyers survey process. Here is where a great broker earns his commission.  A sale can be blown if the selling broker doesn’t represent you properly.

Peter you have been a great broker and have made the transition as seamless as possible.  I have actually learned a lot from you with the sale of my 80 Lazzara and wouldn’t think of brokering a boat with anyone else in the future.

The video you created of my 80 Lazzara was stunning and even though we never got a chance to use it due to the quick sale of my 80 Lazzara it was a nice going away memento”.